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Staying Green

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sweet-pea-shooters-w-chipotle-cream.jpgIt’s in the news, a worldwide set of concerts to bring awareness to the masses, Al Gore’s Live Earth Concert…I may have been thinking a little differently. As a boy, at the end of a hard day of playing my mother had me take a shower to clean up for dinner. The water that ran off me in the shower then was brown from all the dirt and sand I picked up along the way. Today, the water runs GREEN! An amazingly vivid green from all the chlorophyl stained pores on my skin. My playground these days is my two Organic Gardens with over 24 different tomatoes, 10 different herbs, 7 varieties of peppers, 6 different squashes, 4 pumpkins, 3 berries, gourds, greens, edible flowers, and even a few varieties of weeds. Spending time in my gardens gives me lots of one on one time with GREEN. It is a noble effort in a good direction to stay connected with the growing of food. Additional attention towards composting, recycling, buying local food products, from local growers, farmers markets, carpooling, and using less electricity is a healthy plan for helping mother earth. An effort in the right direction is all any of us can ask. Each of us does our part and daily we become more aware of how our actions, our purchases, our usage of resources effects the world around us.

When I leave the gardens and hit the showers, I love being GREEN!

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Getting Started-Staying Inspired

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Center for the exploration of food! That’s what the Primal Alchemy kitchen in Long Beach is all about. Catering lends itself to a variety of menus and we are constantly exploring new cultures, new ingredients, staying rooted in the tradition but adding some local flavor or freshness. Ideas in Food has long been one of my favorite websites. Aki & Alex do a fantastic job sharing their travels in food and every one of us should aspire to learn, share and teach. Choosing this profession as a chef leaves us with an unlimited number of culinary combinations and proceedures from which to pick from. New cooks, new ingredients, accidental sucesses, and carefully planned proceedures that fail giving us the opportunity to learn once again…Finding your passion…priceless!

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An Antipasti Party – A Starry night in Fall

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Wipe the Slate Clean
Salumi Finnochiona
Mole Salami
Lamb Prosuitto
Some Stong French Mustard
Rustic Breads
Cannellini Bean Humus
Creamy Olive Tapenade
Many Seeded CrackersLittle Ones

Young Brinata Pecorino -baa
Roasted Nuts, Chef’s Fig Jam

Brin d’Amour – baa
Dried Tomato, Luques Olives

Valee D’Aspe – maa
Caramelized Walnuts, Vanilla Coffee Bean, Quince Play-Dough

Crottin d’Cheve Gratin – maa
Herbs de Provence Potato, Meyer Lemon Oil

St. Andre – moo
Kumquat Kafir Lime Marmalade

Kings Island Roaring 40’s Blue – moo
Apple Bacon Crisp, Apricot Cranberry Chutney

Warmth at Hand

Green Spinach & Roasted Sopressata Cube Tarts

Wild Mushroom Thyme Crostini w’ White Truffle Butter

Mission Figs w’ Blue Cheese, Pistachios & Villa Manodori Balsamic

Italian Squash Sausage Risotto Croquettes, Sundried Tomato Pesto

Sweet Shrimp, Pea Puree, Garlic Oil & Black Salt

Warm Cucumber, Tuna, Red Shallot, & Dill Yogurt

Slow Braised Lengua, Weiser Farms Fingerling Potato, Green Sauce

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Primal Alchemy – Cooking what nature provides

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Primal Alchemy is a premiere caterer in the Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County area. With over 16 years of catering experience we support our clients with a full array of event planning services. From delicious creative foods and elegant service to equipment rentals, florals & locations, Primal Alchemy Catering can produce spectacular party. For any event large or small, corporate or private, please contact us at or call (562) 400-5659 to speak to Chef Paul Buchanan directly.

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Meet Chef Paul

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Day One – A New Culinary Adventure

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chef-paul-farmers-market-02.jpgThe Day is here! Fresh Thoughts…keeping it fresh…buying local…from the garden to the table. Finally a place to keep friends, family, clients, and compatriots in the loop. Thank you so much for visiting. My wish is for you to find tasty tidbits of information, be randomly inspired to cook something new, share some of your discoveries, stay updated to new menus, new culinary experiences, and read the occasional rant. BE PASSIONATE ABOUT INGREDIENTS, TASTE YOUR FOOD, KNOW WHERE IT COMES FROM, AND SHARE WITH OTHERS…CHEERS!
Chef Paul

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